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This site is about preparing and preaching sermons.

  Someone has said that preparing a sermon has been likened to dodging the blades of a windmill.
  You may skilled in avoiding a blade but remember ... another blade is approaching quickly.
  Sermon preparation can be a horrible taskmaster or a wonderful companion.
  Many pastors have you experienced saying the same things the same way
  with the same discouraging results, and giving an illustration that falls flat.

  It is frightening to come to Sunday with nothing to say.
  How about preaching with no response?

  A busy pastor can remain excited about the work of routinely planning and preparing
  for Sunday's message.
  If sermon preparation is a drudgery, here are some suggestions that will be beneficial:
  Seek God's face and know His will concerning the text that burns in your heart.
  Unless God anoints the message, the message will mean nothing.
  Pastors must speak God's Word to Godís people!
  Live with the text all through the week, and continue to seek Godís leadership.

  Maintain Good Study Habits
  Paul said, "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need
  to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth
." (2 Timothy 2:15)
  Preparing for sermon preparation demands a commitment to personal study.
  The pastor's primary task is to fill the pulpit not the pews.
  We are called to preach God's Word.

  Dr. W.A. Criswell once stated: "I give my morning to God, my afternoons to my people
  and my evenings to my family
  That's advice is good for all of us.

  Develop a Preaching Plan
  A preaching plan is a plan for the next month or several months or for the year.
  A plan provides direction for your study.
  A plan enables you to develop material and locate illustrations in advance.
  Over time God will season His message in your heart.
  A plan helps you prepare your worship service.
  Your worship ministry needs time to correspond to the message.
  Pastors, we must be sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

  Have the disicipline to develop an illustration file.
  When the time to peach a certain message arrives, you will have ample illustrations, quotes,
  sayings and stories.
  Be on the lookout everyday for illustraions.
  Read everything that you can.

 Schedule Your Preaching
 Announce your coming messages to your church weeks before you preach them.
 Pastor, pray constantly for God to use you and the message fo His glory.